August 22, 2023

Capturing Memories in Still Life: NEW Mary Fosky Photography wedding story design service!

Wedding day details, styled with the brides veil, couples rings and a curated ring box from the MFP Wedding Story Design Collection. Ring box The Mrs. Box, The Balboa Single Ring Box.

Wedding photography is an art that extends beyond capturing candid moments and emotional exchanges. It involves a creative eye for detail and a knack for turning even the simplest elements into timeless works of art. One such technique that has gained immense popularity in recent years is the use of flat lay photography. This method involves arranging carefully chosen items on a flat surface and capturing them from above, resulting in visually stunning compositions that tell a unique story. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the world of wedding photography flat lays and what items couples may wish to use to tell their wedding day story.

NEW! Mary Fosky Photography has been styling wedding day details for years. The design has always been based on the couple’s wedding colors and style. However, MFP is taking it to the next level and offering a wedding story design service. Couples will have access to view the MFP Wedding Story Design Collection, found in the MFP Resources, and with Mary’s help, artfully curate a beautiful design to tell your wedding story. This service is optional, your details can be beautifully captured in a documentary style so they will be captured as they are, as your story unfolds without any additional embellishments.

Let us explore a list of a few items we request to photograph, please note that every wedding is different and every wedding photographer wishes for your day to reflect you and your style. These items are merely common items we have photographed over the last 10 years. Prior to the wedding day, I will ask the couple to set aside their items. These details will be creatively captured upon arrival or when time allows. There are times when I may photograph the invitation suite the following day by taking home two copies of the suite and a centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquet & boutonniere.

  1. Rings and Jewelry: Symbolism and Sparkle Rings symbolize the eternal bond between two souls, making them a staple in wedding photography. Placing the wedding bands and engagement rings on a bed of fresh flowers or a delicate lace fabric creates an ethereal and romantic flat lay. Incorporating heirloom jewelry pieces, such as vintage brooches or family heirlooms, adds depth and sentimentality to the composition.
  2. Invitations and Stationery: Setting the Tone A couple’s choice of wedding invitations and stationery often reflects their personality and wedding theme. Like me, photographers love arranging these elements along with carefully curated props like wax seals, ribbons, and calligraphy pens. This not only sets the tone for the event but also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall album.
  3. Accessories: Elegance in Detail From designer shoes to comfy sneakers and veils to hairpins and garters, capturing the intricate details of these accessories can be a work of art in itself. Placing these items on a textured surface, like a silk cloth or a rustic wooden table, adds depth and contrast to the composition, resulting in breathtaking images that highlight the couple’s unique style.
  4. Flowers and Greenery: Nature’s Beauty Flowers and greenery are integral to any wedding’s decor, and they can effortlessly enhance a flat-lay composition. I absolutely love using floral arrangements, single blooms, or even delicate petals to add a pop of color and a touch of nature’s beauty to their images. The contrast between soft petals and textured backdrops creates a visually captivating scene. The best florists will provide several stems for photographers.
  5. Couples’ Personal Items: A Glimpse into Their Love Story Incorporating the couple’s personal items, such as love letters, special mementos, or items that hold sentimental value, adds a unique and intimate touch to the flat lay. These elements provide a glimpse into the couple’s journey and love story, making the photographs all the more meaningful.

Flat lay photography is a creative way for wedding photographers to showcase the intricate details and emotions that make each wedding unique. By carefully selecting and arranging items such as rings, invitations, bridal accessories, flowers, personal mementos, and culinary delights, photographers can create stunning compositions that add an extra layer of beauty to a couple’s special day. These flat lay items not only contribute to the visual appeal of a wedding album but also tell a story that will be cherished for generations to come.

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