March 9, 2024

Chic and Classic wedding at The Pelican Club, Jupiter Florida

Nestled in the heart of Jupiter, Florida, with the picturesque backdrop of the iconic lighthouse and the serene intercoastal waters, The Pelican Club recently hosted a wedding that was the epitome of elegance and timeless grace. The day was bathed in warm, sunny splendor, setting a perfect stage for a chic and classic celebration of love.

Cake cutting between bride and groom, feeding eachother during their wedding reception at the Pelican Club in Jupiter, Florida.

The radiant bride embodied grace in a sleek silk dress that whispered elegance with every movement. Her cathedral-length veil danced in the gentle breeze, a perfect complement to the simplicity and sophistication of her gown. The bridal attire was a harmonious blend of modern chic and timeless elegance, capturing the essence of the bride’s unique style. Equally dapper, the groom stood in a sharp navy suit, the perfect counterpart to the bride’s radiant look. The contrast of his suit against the soft palette of the day added a depth of sophistication, making them a truly striking pair. His attire was a nod to classic style, embodying the essence of a gentleman ready to embark on a lifelong journey with his bride.

The ceremony itself was a picturesque vision of purity and elegance, held on the patio overlooking the glistening intercoastal waters. The setting was made even more magical with the view of the Jupiter lighthouse in the distance, serving as a historic beacon of light and love. The d├ęcor was minimal yet profoundly beautiful, with florals in all shades of white creating an aura of serene beauty. These delicate arrangements added a touch of grace to the natural beauty surrounding the venue, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere.

As the sun began to set, painting the sky in hues of pink, the cocktail hour commenced. Guests enjoyed an assortment of exquisite drinks and hors d’oeuvres, with the sunset providing a breathtaking backdrop. The ambiance was filled with laughter and joy, as friends and family mingled, celebrating the newlyweds under the warm glow of the setting sun.

The reception brought everyone indoors, where the elegance continued. The Pelican Club’s exquisite interiors provided a luxurious setting for the evening’s festivities. The dinner was nothing short of fabulous, with culinary delights that tantalized the taste buds and left guests raving about the exquisite flavors. As dinner gave way to dancing, the air was filled with music and merriment. The dance floor was alive with energy as guests danced the night away, celebrating the union of two hearts in a setting that was as memorable as the love it celebrated.

This wedding at The Pelican Club was not just a testament to the timeless beauty of love but also a showcase of chic and classic elegance. It was a day where every detail was infused with grace, from the stunning bridal attire and the pure white florals to the magical sunset cocktail hour and the luxurious reception. It was a celebration that will forever remain etched in the hearts of all who were lucky enough to witness it, a true embodiment of timeless elegance and chic sophistication.

Venue: Pelican Club; 1065 N Hwy A1A, Jupiter, FL 33477

Second Photographer for the incredible Jessica van der Marel Photography


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