June 7, 2023

Winter Park Engagement Session

Welcome to our blog post, where we take you on a journey through an enchanting engagement session in downtown Winter Park, Florida. With the sun casting its golden glow during the magical hour of twilight, this session captures the purest essence of love and romance. Join us as we highlight the captivating locations we visited, including the delightful Hannibal Square, the sophisticated Alfond Inn, the iconic Rollins College, and a few other hand-selected spots that create an unforgettable experience for couples and photographers alike.

Hand-Selected Locations and Hidden Gems in Winter Park, Florida.
  1. Hannibal Square: A Charming Oasis

Our engagement session begins in the heart of Winter Park at the beloved Hannibal Square. Known for its charming streets, colorful murals, and lively ambiance, Hannibal Square offers a unique backdrop for capturing your love story. Stroll hand-in-hand through the vibrant streets, pausing for intimate moments against the backdrop of colorful buildings and captivating artwork.

  1. Alfond Inn: Elegance and Luxury

Next on our journey is the elegant Alfond Inn, a true gem nestled in the heart of Winter Park. With its timeless architecture, manicured gardens, and exquisite interiors, the Alfond Inn exudes luxury and sophistication. As the sun bathes the surroundings in a warm glow, let your love shine while your photographer captures breathtaking images against this backdrop of refined elegance.

  1. Rollins College: Iconic Beauty

Continuing our exploration, we arrive at the iconic Rollins College, a picturesque location that embodies the essence of Winter Park. With its lush greenery, grand architecture, and serene lakeside views, Rollins College provides a stunning setting for your engagement session. Take a leisurely walk around the campus, finding hidden nooks and scenic spots that reflect your love story, all while your photographer skillfully captures these cherished moments.

  1. Hand-Selected Locations: Hidden Gems

In addition to these iconic destinations, our engagement session takes you to hand-selected locations that offer a touch of uniqueness and romance. From quaint cobblestone streets to charming cafes and picturesque parks, these hidden gems provide the perfect backdrop for capturing your love in an intimate and authentic way. Your photographer will guide you to these special spots, ensuring that every frame encapsulates the beauty of your relationship.


As the golden hour bathes downtown Winter Park in a warm and ethereal glow, an engagement session becomes an unforgettable experience filled with love and romance. From the charming Hannibal Square to the elegant Alfond Inn, the iconic Rollins College, and the hand-selected hidden gems, every location offers its own unique charm. By choosing a wedding photographer experienced in capturing the essence of golden hour during a beautiful spring day, you can be confident that your engagement session will result in stunning, timeless photographs that beautifully reflect your love story. Book your session today and let us capture the magic of your love in the enchanting downtown Winter Park.


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